A landscape-led proposal

The natural attributes of the location, including landform, landscape character, wooded areas and visual sensitivities, as well as areas and features of valued ecological habitats, protected species and heritage assets have been assessed and form the starting point of the Masterplan.

  • These aspects of the environment have been embraced and have led to a scheme which seeks to respect and conserve key features of the landscape whilst also integrating the development into its surroundings.
  • Landscape areas within each ‘village’ will improve the experience of the landscape through improved network links between Sittingbourne and the wider countryside and Kent Downs AONB as well as enhancing wildlife interconnectivity.
  • We have engaged with stakeholders such as Natural England, Kent Wildlife Trust, The Woodland Trust and the Kent Downs AONB unit. This will ensure that we are able to deliver a development which is not only sympathetic to existing habitats and wildlife, but also actively engages with these areas to provide significant environmental protection and ecological gains.
  • The majority of the site is dominated by arable and orchard habitats, considered to be of low ecological value.
  • Highsted Park presents an opportunity to provide significant enhancement to the current situation, and an extensive network of green infrastructure corridors throughout the development.
  • The creation of a green network through the scheme will encourage cycling and walking and promote healthier lifestyles.
  • There will also be both informal and more formal recreation and amenity space for local residents, which will create greater engagement with the landscape and bring the countryside into the heart of the development.

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