• Swale Climate Emergency declared in 2019.
  • Deliverable modal shift to encourage alternatives to car journeys.
  • Energy neutral homes across a 12-month period.
  • Battery storage and latest technology to deliver a sustainable future.
  • Working with local energy providers for the benefit of Swale.


Central government have set a target of becoming net zero carbon by 2050. Swale and its councillors are more ambitious and want Swale to meet that target in 2030.

We all have a role to play for this to become a reality in 10 years. We are committed to becoming a focal point of this drive.

Highsted Park will pioneer the use of green technology in the buildings and infrastructure.

  • By focusing at a strategic level from the outset we can take a holistic approach to the scheme to design for a carbon neutral future.
  • The scheme will utilise solar panels connected to home battery systems networked to central battery storage to maximise the use of renewable energy and provide for energy neutral homes when assessed across a 12-month period.
  • Orientation of buildings and siting / specification of glazing will be concentrated on achieving the optimal balance between solar gain and minimising overheating risk, and enable the large-scale application of photovoltaic technology.
  • The first scheme to provide all homes and buildings with a fast charge EV point and E-bikes to each house.
  • The site will be provided with excellent internet connectivity โ€“ using Fibre to the Home/ Property to properly enable home working opportunities and the wide scale implementation of smart technologies.
  • Within the commercial development, a site would be identified for the introduction of a community-scale, multi-megawatt energy storage facility, It is the scale of this opportunity and its simplicity as a single storage facility which we see as vital to its viability.
  • Through using the latest technology and apps, the use of electric buses at Highsted Park, funded by the development, to link in with the existing network, can further the sustainability credentials of the development as well as providing a facility which will allow for the electrification of the wider bus fleet in the long term.