Community Benefits


In developing our education proposals for this scheme we have consulted with KCC Education to ascertain requirements in this regard. Whilst these discussion will be ongoing during the course of the development of the proposal, we are currently anticipating:

  • Four new primary schools.
  • One six form entry secondary school plus sixth form.

We are also exploring the inclusion of early years/nursery provision to complement these uses. The proposal also represents a unique opportunity to potentially deliver a Further Education facility, with Sittingbourne currently not benefiting from such a provision.

As a whole, this education infrastructure has the ability to transform the opportunities for young people in the Borough. This will in turn further support the employment market in the Borough and ensure resilience within this market in the long term, making the area more attractive to employers.


Within this proposal we will be making significant provision for local sports clubs. This will be anchored by the provision of new facilities for Sittingbourne Football Club, which will provide them with facilities which can be used all year round and also ensure sustainability.

Initial discussions have already commenced with Sport England and the heads of the relevant disciplines are aware of the proposals and the opportunities which can be delivered by the proposal. We will continue to engage with these bodies throughout the process to ensure that we create a lasting legacy of sporting excellence for the Borough.


The design of this proposal to embrace healthy lifestyles has been highlighted throughout this document. Alongside this we have engaged with the Integrated Care Board (ICB) to make them aware of the proposals and understand how they might wish to see Primary Care and additional health services delivered from the site.

With the proposed numbers of new residents, clearly this will have a significant impact on all aspects of the health economy in the area. Working with the ICB, we aim to ensure that the correct heath provision is made at the correct time and in correct places. We will build flexibility into the approach and work with all arms of the health economy to deliver facilities which complement the existing provision and are flexible and sustainable to provide healthcare services fit for the 21st century.

Allied with this will be the promotion of a healthy living agenda. There is a clear aspiration to create an environment which promotes healthier lifestyles and modes of transport to also help alleviate the burden on the NHS and encourage people to take control of their own health outcomes.