Why here?

The location of Highsted Park is key in addressing the needs of the people of Sittingbourne and the wider Swale Borough. The decision to locate the development where it is proposed will ensure the delivery of infrastructure as well as economic, social and environmental gains to the local and wider community.

  • Swale’s existing motorway junction (J5) is currently unfit for purpose and is competing for funding from Highways England. A privately funded motorway junction (J5a), delivered by Highsted Park, will fix this problem by providing additional capacity and an alternative route between the M2, A2 and A249.
  • The creation of the Southern Relief Road and the completion of the Northern Relief Road (collectively known as the Swale Relief Road) is required to ease congestion and provide a fully functioning road network.
  • Infrastructure improvements will be a game changer for businesses at both Eurolink and Kent Science Park, as well as local residents and will remove the need to travel through Sittingbourne town centre.
  • The national housing crisis, along with Swale’s existing and future housing needs, will be addressed through the delivery of 8,400 new dwellings, including policy compliant affordable and retirement provision.
  • Highsted Park supports the creation of 8,000 jobs and huge economic output, which responds to the needs of local people.
  • The creation of extensive publicly accessible open space and country parks, along with green infrastructure, will result in a much-needed unrivalled green legacy for Swale.
  • In the area surrounding Highsted Park, there is a demand for education, medical and sporting facilities.