Revised Proposals

In accordance with Garden Community principles Highsted Park is an infrastructure led development. This means that junction 5a, the Southern Relief Road and Northern Relief road will be delivered ahead of new homes and the development will provide primary and secondary schools and health facilities from the earliest phases of the development, with provision growing as Highsted Park comes forward.

The delivery of infrastructure ahead of the occupation of homes is at the heart of the proposals for Highsted Park. It underpins Highsted Park as an attractive place to live and work, whilst ensuring that rather than new housing being a burden on existing infrastructure the significant infrastructure provision benefits new occupants and existing communities.

Investment in infrastructure at Highsted Park is achieved by Land Value Capture – the increase in land value can be used to forward fund the investment in infrastructure and community facilities that ultimately helps create places that people want to live and work.

It is only development at scale that can provide such strategic scale investment that has wide ranging benefits to communities along the A2, A249 and beyond, particularly with regards to reducing congestion, air pollution, supporting modal shift and job provision. The Councils’s own expert consultants, Stantec identified that Highsted Park is the only proposal under consideration with Borough wide benefits.


Why Highsted Park

  1. The only proposal on the table that can address the underlying issues – highways, air quality and congestion – that are holding Sittingbourne and Swale back – the borough continues to perform more poorly than the rest of Kent and the gap is growing.
  2. The only proposal that delivers the strategic infrastructure that Swale needs to support economic growth and improve air quality – through the creation of J5a, the Southern Relief Road and Northern Relief Road ahead of the occupation of new homes.
  3. The only proposal that delivers thousands of new jobs, where they are needed in support of an established employment site.
  4. The only proposal that can support a transition to low and zero carbon public transport and support the redistribution of traffic away from the A2.